Below you can find the all detailed information about us, Leather World, and our history.

Deri Dünyası Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

companySignificance of Leather: Maybe the only thing that has remained unchanged for us throughout an adventure of leather, an adventure that had started in a small shop at the Grand Bazaar, and continued through the tannery district Kazlıçeşme, into the international partnerships of today.

Leather World Philosophy

Each nation has its companies which are its pride and joy. Leather World has today an international reputation with its high level of quality and its vision.

Leather manufacturing is an art at Leather World…
It proves its quality by manufacturing the best, with an excellent care, over a wide range of products.

Leather World has for years been maintaining its reputation, and its position as the leader of its line in Turkey, in terms of early commitment to a great deal of phenomena that are today deemed to be universal.


Along all their way until the completion of the tanning and finishing operations in our plant, our leathers are entrusted to the control of our leather technicians who are famous for their long years of experience and expertise.

Upon completion of the process, our leathers are delivered to our leather sorting team. There they undergo a world-class quality control process, are packaged, and prepared for shipment. This is our most admired hallmark in the eyes of our customers.